It's His Wedding Too.

From the bachelor party to the wedding weekend, celebrating with cigars should be as easy as buying champagne.

Wedding Cigars

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Don't waste your time trying to recreate something from Pinterest. This is the easiest, coolest groomsmen gift in the game. Every pack includes:

  • 2 Easygoing, Crowd-pleasing Cigars
  • A Double-Bladed Cigar Cutter + Matches
  • Customizeable Tasting Note Card
  • A Humidity-Sealed Pack that Keeps Cigars Fresh for 6 Months
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Personalization is $50.
Buying more than 25? It's free!
We'll reach out to collect the message and design fee after checkout. Character limit 140. Text only - no custom artwork.

Customize the Camaraderie

Every humidity-sealed pack includes two wedding-perfect* cigars, a cutter, matches, and customizable tasting notes cards.

Free personalization on all orders of 25 packs or more. Email for details:

Selected for Weddings

Selected for Weddings

Worthy of the occasion, but easygoing enough for the inexperienced.

Everything <br> You Need

You Need

Cutter, matches, and customizable tasting note included.

Designed<br> to Share

to Share

One for you, one for the bride's uncle who just invited you play at Pebble Beach.

No Humidor Required

No Humidor Required

Sealed in perfect humidity. No humidor or hand-rolling expert required.