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At Good Cigar Co., we only select the absolute best small batch and premium cigars, with unmatched attention to detail and quality control, so you can light up (or gift) with confidence.

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"Bought a this for my dad last Christmas. My mom spent 10x as much, and the Good Cigar Co. kit was his favorite gift. Doing this every year."

-Tanner S.

"Super convenient way to keep a few quality smokes around. Looks great on my bar too."

-James W.

"I love an occasional cigar, but I don't smoke often enough to deal with humidor upkeep. Good Cigar Co. packs are perfect!"

-Grant A.

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We love cigars because they bring people together. All of our products include multiple cigars for a reason. There's one for you and another one just like it for a friend. Always bring a spare.

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