Do I have to show my ID to purchase? 

Maybe. Tobacco is a controlled substance and the laws are different for every state, so we use a sophisticated age verification system called AgeChecker.Net to make sure you're complying with your local laws.

For over 90% of the US population we can automatically verify your age using only your name, birthday, and address. In rare cases they will need to see a copy of your ID, which can be submitted easily right in the pop-up. And if you submit your photo ID, Age Checker will remember you so you never have to submit a photo ID again.

Photo IDs are deleted as soon as they are verified, and your information is never shared or sold. More information on AgeChecker can be found on their website.

We know it sucks, but it would suck even more if kids started vaping all over the place.

Do you make your own cigars?

Nope. We feature top brands like Padron, Oliva, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, and hundreds more. We'll introduce you to some of your new favorites, some of which can be found in your local tobacco shop, and others you'll never be able to find again. We don't carry everything, and that's the point - we only carry the good ones.

My pack has two of the same cigar. Is that supposed to happen?

Yes. Every pack includes two cigars, and they're always the exact same cigar. Every good thing is even better when shared, so we've designed our entire experience to be enjoyed with a friend. If you plan to smoke them both yourself, don't worry - your pack is re-sealable so the second cigar will stay fresh after opening, and we promise every cigar we feature is good enough to smoke twice.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders? 

Sure! Good Cigar packs are an amazing client gift, wedding favor, or special event perk. Email us at "custom@goodcigar.co" and we'd love to work with you.

Can I pick my own cigars?

Not right now. We plan to add this functionality eventually, but we're keeping things simple right now.

In the meantime, just choose an intensity based on your comfort level (or the comfort level of the recipient if it's a gift). We split things up into three categories - Mild, Medium, and Full-Bodied. If the recipient isn't too familiar with cigars, then Mild (a "Classic" pack) is definitely the way to go.

If you aren't sure, reach out and we'd love to help you.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We’d hate to see you go, but if for some reason you need to cancel your subscription just drop us a line at hello@goodcigar.co.

I only smoke Cubans. Do you sell those? 

Nope, while things are definitely changing in Cuba it’s still illegal to sell Cuban cigars. But we'll let you in on a little secret - you can get just as good a smoke from the other guys.

Need something else? Have another question? Reach out and we'll follow-up soon.