How to smoke a cigar: Featuring No. 86

The holidays are upon us, which can only mean one thing: your father-in-law is going to be pestering you to smoke a cigar with him in 30 degree weather. 

We've all been there - and we're here to help. 

Here's the basic how-to's that will keep you from looking like 'that guy' the next time you go to light up a cigar.

Step 1: Select your cigar

*We're smoking our newest blend, No. 86  - which you can get here!

1. After picking your cigar, remove the cellophane wrapping
2. Inspect it for any rips or tears 

Step 2: Cut

1. Upon approved inspection, locate the cap at the top of the cigar and cut only the tip [above the lines of the cigar cap].  If using a V-Cutter, have no fears, you can't really mess that one up. 

Step 3: Fire

There are many different ways to light a cigar; here's a simple one to get you started that uses a soft flame. For torch lighters, follow these steps, but be sure to keep the flame from touching your cigar:

1. Strike a match [or lighter] and hold it about half of an inch away from the cigar. Spend a few seconds 'toasting' the end, evenly covering the entire foot of the cigar with the heat of the fire.

2. Keeping the fire going, take a few slow puffs of the cigar while twisting it over the flame for even coverage. After about 3 or 4 puffs, you should be good to go. 

3. Take a look at the end of the cigar and blow on it to check for an even light [you'll see the whole foot glow].

Step 4: Enjoy

[with bourbon]

Happy smoking!

- Good Cigar Co. Team