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      The Straight Cut

      Voyage by Good Cigar Co.

      Voyage by Good Cigar Co.

      The Sun and sand - crashing waves against the hull. Destination by sea brings you somewhere, differently. Is it the rush of wind or the company you're with? The freedom of open air or the simple calm of sunset on the water.

      A medium bodied, Cubanesque blend that utilizes Cuban seed tobaccos from Nicaragua [Corojo '99 and Criollo '98] throughout the entire cigar. Rich with classic flavors of: nutmeg, cinnamon, toast and baking spices - this cigar reminds of us our favorite vintage Cuban cigars and life on the water.

      An ode to the cigar makers of old and the sailors of today; this is Voyage by Good Cigar Co.

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      Rove by Good Cigar Co.

      Rove by Good Cigar Co.

      Deserts, Beaches, Mountains, valleys and islands  - there is no end in site to the adventure. To travel is to see; to feel. With friends, family or with yourself - the journey is never truly over. Exploration is both the process and destination.

      A full bodied and flavorful cigar made for the explorer. Loaded with high priming tobaccos and flavorful transitions, this cigar is a trip in and of itself. A dark and oily maduro wrapper, covers a rich blend of nicaraguan tobaccos that take you through the mountains of Esteli’ and Jalapa. Its sweet and spicy. Its for the seasoned smoker who is looking for a full flavored experience. It’s for the vagabond and aficionado ready to indulge.

      A journey lies ahead.

      This is Rove by Good Cigar co.

      Apex by Good Cigar Co.

      Apex by Good Cigar Co.

      The view from up here is breathtaking - from snow capped mountains to shorelines and valleys; this is the peak of perspective. The highest point is the both the end and beginning of adventure - an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and the joys that lie ahead.

      A mild, creamy and easy going cigar made for you; and everyone. Wether you’re at the beginning of your cigar smoking experience or a seasoned aficionado, This cigar offers incredible construction, well-aged tobacco and a nuanced flavor profile you’ll want to continue coming back too.

      Welcome to the mountaintop and the adventure that awaits.

      This is Apex by Good Cigar Co.

      How to smoke a cigar: Featuring No. 86

      How to smoke a cigar: Featuring No. 86

      The holidays are upon us, which can only mean one thing: your father-in-law is going to be pestering you to smoke a cigar with him in 30 degree weather. 

      We've all been there - and we're here to help. 

      Here's the basic how-to's that will keep you from looking like 'that guy' the next time you go to light up a cigar.

      Step 1: Select your cigar

      *We're smoking our newest blend, No. 86  - which you can get here!

      1. After picking your cigar, remove the cellophane wrapping
      2. Inspect it for any rips or tears 

      Step 2: Cut

      1. Upon approved inspection, locate the cap at the top of the cigar and cut only the tip [above the lines of the cigar cap].  If using a V-Cutter, have no fears, you can't really mess that one up. 

      Step 3: Fire

      There are many different ways to light a cigar; here's a simple one to get you started that uses a soft flame. For torch lighters, follow these steps, but be sure to keep the flame from touching your cigar:

      1. Strike a match [or lighter] and hold it about half of an inch away from the cigar. Spend a few seconds 'toasting' the end, evenly covering the entire foot of the cigar with the heat of the fire.

      2. Keeping the fire going, take a few slow puffs of the cigar while twisting it over the flame for even coverage. After about 3 or 4 puffs, you should be good to go. 

      3. Take a look at the end of the cigar and blow on it to check for an even light [you'll see the whole foot glow].

      Step 4: Enjoy

      [with bourbon]

      Happy smoking!

      - Good Cigar Co. Team


      The Good Cigar Co. Journal is COMING: 12.6.19

      The Good Cigar Co. Journal is COMING: 12.6.19

      Since the beginning of Good Cigar Co. we've been helping people find any excuse to enjoy a cigar - whether it's for the first or 86th time [if you know you know].  As we continue to grow and extend our reach, we want to continually create new ways for you to have a better cigar experience. 

      Cue the lights and music

      For the first time ever, we are releasing our own cigar journal. This pocket sized beauty can go with you anywhere and serve as a log of your recently enjoyed cigars. 

      We're amped to share this with you. They're literally being printed as I type this - talk about hot off the press. 


      - Good Cigar Co. Team