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      The Straight Cut

      The New Rules of Cigar Etiquette

      The New Rules of Cigar Etiquette
      Unless you're in a cigar bar, you should make sure your billowing smoke isn’t bothering people around you. So before you light up, check in with the people within 15 feet of you if they mind. Cigars let out a lot of smoke, and the aroma travels further than you'd think. 

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      Introducing The Straight Cut

      We started Good Cigar Co. for two reasons:

      1. We love cigars -- especially the way they bring people together over great conversation.
      2. We love to celebrate the best parts of life.

      As much as we love cigars, we still aren’t the type to light up every day. So when we set out to create a company blog and newsletter for Good Cigar Co., we knew we wanted to talk about more than just cigars.

      Introducing The Straight Cut.

      Each week or so, we’ll send a new email loaded with great pieces about style, culture, events as well as products we love from around the web. We’ll offer cigar pairing lessons, gift guides, cocktail recipes and interviews with fascinating people - some of them over their very first cigar.

      Every new company update, product launch, and sale will be shared with our newsletter first, so add your email to stay in the loop.